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Macro and market views

The BlackRock Investment Institute shares our outlook for economic growth, inflation, financial conditions and geopolitics.

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Global weekly commentary

Stay up to date with the latest global weekly commentary provided by the BlackRock Investment Institute.
Global weekly commentary

Investment actions by asset class

Our latest investment ideas based on the current market environment, covering fixed income, equities, alternatives and multi-asset strategies.

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Sizing up inflation

BlackRock’s inflation hub features our latest market insights and investment recommendations concerning post-pandemic inflationary trends. Explore more.
Sizing up inflation

Personalized insights for institutional clients

We partner with the BlackRock Investment Institute and thought leaders throughout our firm to deliver you investing insights and analysis across asset classes, investment strategies and borders.

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The clients we serve

At BlackRock, the institutions we serve – from foundations to large pension funds – collectively serve hundreds of millions of individuals around the world. That’s why we work alongside them as they contribute to the financial futures of the people who depend on them.
Our Clients