Global Credit Forum

Global Credit Forum

Credit markets have traveled an unprecedented path in 2020, driven dramatically down by the Covid-19 shock and then revived by a massive policy response. What lies ahead? At the recent BlackRock Global Credit Forum, we gathered experts from BlackRock and beyond to find out.

Convening a conversation

BlackRock’s Global Credit Forum was a virtual conference bringing together leading industry authorities, former high-level policymakers, company executives and credit investors to share their insights on the dynamics shaping credit markets and the resulting implications for investors.

Keynote sessions

  • An economic and geopolitical crossroads

    Timothy Geithner, former US Treasury Secretary and Condoleezza Rice, US Secretary of State (2005-2009) discussed the major shifts underway with BlackRock’s Philipp Hildebrand, Tom Donilon and Tim O’Hara, Global Co-Head of Credit.
  • Credit’s role in the economic recovery

    James Keenan, BlackRock’s CIO and Global Co-Head of Credit, led team members in a discussion of the outlook from global markets followed by a focus on the distressed and default cycle to come.
  • Of capital flows and borrower balance sheets

    Capital market specialists and credit investors discussed the global deal pipeline and the financing needs of different types of companies.
  • Credit's place in the portfolio

    Leading credit allocators from pension funds and insurers shared their perspectives with Mark McCombe, BlackRock’s Global Chief Client Officer, and BlackRock credit investors discussed the search for yield in traded credit.

Breakout sessions

  • Blending public and private credit

    Exploring the case for investing across the spectrum, from multi-strategy traded credit to bespoke assets on the private side.
  • Managing risk in credit portfolios

    A panel on how continuous assessment and attribution of risk can help produce more resilient portfolios.
  • ESG in credit investing

    A discussion of how investors can raise the ESG bar in data collection, due diligence and monitoring.