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Expanding the reach and opportunity of high-speed internet

What it is

Gigapower is a joint venture with AT&T to build a commercial, wholesale open-access fiber optic network delivering multi-gigabit speeds to an initial 1.5 million customer locations, with AT&T as its anchor tenant.
Gigapower national reach

A broadband society

U.S. homes and businesses lack access to high-speed broadband3
More than 8.3m homes

how much data the average U.S. household uses each month4
Over 500gb data

new households in populations with limited access to fiber optic internet will have access as a result of Gigapower1
More than 1.5m households with limited access

Why fiber

miles per second – the speed with which a signal moves through fiber optic cable – the equivalent of going around the world five times5
128,853 miles per second

the amount of energy fiber optic networks require to send data a distance of 100 meters, versus 3.5W used by copper wires6
1 watt of energy

of U.S. household broadband connections are projected to be fiber by 2026, up from 43% today4
70% growth of broadband connections

The deal

initial commitment on behalf of BlackRock clients
US 650 million

Partnership with joint ownership and governance
BlackRock and AT&T

AT&T, the nation’s largest fiber optic internet provider7, is the first customer of the open network
Fiber optic network

Infrastructure underlies the entire global economy. And with resilient cash flows and structural tailwinds, it can offer a non-correlated asset class for investors. To find out more about how infrastructure can add to your portfolio, contact us.

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