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Disrupting equities

Innovation and the impact of China

Macro forces — like the rise of China, the growth of alternative data sources and rapid improvements in technology — are changing equity investing.  We believe it’s time for investors to re-examine their equity allocations to see if they are keeping pace with a shifting opportunity set. As we move into a period of lower expected returns across many asset classes, getting your equity allocation right is more important than ever.



Alpha is available in developed markets, but changes in opportunity set and market structure require re-evaluating historical approaches.

The opportunity is to reactivate the core.


The latest insights from BlackRock’s active equities experts

The way forward

Investors need to understand the implications of China’s emergence on both emerging and developed markets investing and rethink what it takes to succeed.

The way forward is understanding the changing face of emerging markets.


The latest insights from BlackRock’s active equities experts

Webcast: Rethinking emerging markets
Listen to BlackRock investors discussing the changing face of emerging markets, their increasing importance to global investors and why the time may be right to rethink your approach to EM.
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