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Episode 4: Is geopolitics the next investment x-factor?

From North Korea’s nuclear program to China’s expansion in the South China Sea, geopolitical risks seem to be permeating the news cycle regularly. This begs an important question for investors: Is this sense of foreboding just an unfortunate fixture of 21st century life, or does it carry real implications for how we should invest?

In this episode of The Bid, we’ll inventory the risk landscape with Isabelle Mateos y Lago, Chief Multi-Asset Strategist, and delve into China and its 19th Party Congress with Wei Li, Head of iShares ETF Investment Strategy for EMEA.


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Episode 3: A taxing path to reform

It seems like the provisions of Washington’s latest tax package are intentionally aimed to confuse. With debate occurring on all sides, we set out to separate signal from noise with Chief Equity Strategist Kate Moore.

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Episode 2: Is Amazon eating inflation?

Consumers love a good deal, but bargain hunting is more than a fad. According to Rick Rieder, it’s reshaping the economic landscape in a big way. We explore how Amazon and its peers are eating inflation and what this means for bond investors.

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Episode 1: When reflation becomes expansion

Is the market’s current calm a positive sign or signaling something ominous? Will global central banks stick the landing as they shift to a tighter policy stance? Richard Turnill and Jeff Rosenberg answer these questions and more.

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