The biggest question clients are asking me today is how do I make my money work harder for me?

Hi, I'm Navin Saigal, Head of Asia Macro for Fundamental Fixed Income at BlackRock.

Well, cash in the system is at record highs. Money market funds, bank deposits, , corporate balance sheets, you name it. And that's not surprising given the interest rates are also at multi-decade highs.

For most of the last two decades, when interest rates were much lower, you had to lend money for 10 to 30 years to companies that may not even be around to pay you back just to deliver any meaningful income.

But today, with yields significantly higher than before, you can lend money for shorter time horizons to much safer borrowers, say, to governments for 3 to 5 years and still get a meaningful income out of that.

Today, many building blocks that were not available in the past have become available again in portfolio construction. From Asian government bonds to European corporate bonds,

these are all tools that could make up that global diversified portfolio, with a generous income stream.

With central banks on the verge of an easing cycle, this opportunity may not be there forever. So it's time to put your money to work now.


由於利率遠高於以往的水平,令債券投資機會再次出現——但這種機會可能不會永遠持續下去。Navin Saigal分享了為什麼現在是投資債券良機。(僅提供英文版本)

Navin Saigal,固定收益投資-亞洲宏觀市場主管


So the big question our clients in Asia are asking is the tremendous run that we have seen in the technology sector – if it's over, if it's hype, and will it continue?

Hi I'm Tony Kim. I'm the lead portfolio manager of the technology strategy for BlackRock.

My answer to this question is we're just getting going. And this is going to be the predominant theme for the rest of this decade. We are just in the early stages of the build out in the development, for AI and how that translates to the technology sector.

We look at AI from a full stack perspective, where we, decompose all the elements of AI, everything from energy to compute to software to models to data and to applications. We then look at all of those categories and subcategories, and we are investing along this whole stack.

We believe that this is going to continue throughout this decade. And so, in no means is it over. In fact, it's just beginning.


經過過去18個月的炒作後,人工智能熱潮能否持續下去?Tony Kim探討了廣泛投資於人工智能堆疊的理據。(僅提供英文版本)

Tony Kim,科技產業投資團隊負責人


The big question that our clients in Asia Pacific are asking us today is how do I prepare my portfolio in a robust and resilient manner so that the portfolio is ready to maneuver and navigate today's fast changing markets?

Hi, I'm Daniel Caderas . I'm a multi-asset investor, and I lead the Global Tactical Asset Allocation team here at BlackRock.

What worked in the past potentially, where you just combine stocks and bonds in a portfolio and they're largely offset by each other, in particular, during periods of stress and volatility. Those times are gone.

We believe as an investor these days you want to be flexible, you want to be nimble. You also want to incorporate the fact that the world is changing fast, and you want to have a more short-term view.

We are a team which invests in a more tactical manner, which means we focus on the short-term to mid-term time horizon. We do this across a large opportunity set, and that allows us to be flexible in terms of going anywhere. So wherever we believe there's dislocations, discrepancies, wherever the market tends to overreact or underreact, that's where we can position ourselves.


面對瞬息萬變及複雜的市場環境,構建強韌的投資組合可能充滿挑戰。Daniel Caderas分享了目前構建強韌投資組合的要素。(僅提供英文版本)

Daniel Caderas,亞太區多元資產策略及投資方案團隊環球策略性資產配置主管