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Unleash your investing potential with iShares ETFs and insights. Whether you are helping your clients invest for retirement or seeking to build wealth, iShares ETFs make it easy to build custom portfolios for your clients. With over 390+ ETFs, iShares can provide a solution to help your clients achieve their financial goals…what ever they may be.

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Helping your clients reach their goals starts with a strong core. iShares makes it easy by offering competitive performance potential, low cost, and tax efficiency.



More clients are asking about sustainable investing. Be prepared when they ask you. Explore how sustainable strategies can help your clients achieve their goals.

Tech breakthrough


Access innovation that may transform the way we live and work. Differentiate your practice with investment themes like robotics, cybersecurity, clean energy and more.



Just like equity ETFs, bond ETFs offer benefits like low cost, transparency, and more. Explore all of the ways that bond ETFs can help modernize fixed income portfolios.

Stick on Rock Balance


As the economy recovers alongside the vaccine rollout, value stocks have rallied – and there is likely more room to run. Consider rebalancing back to value.

Multifactor – the Moneyball of Investing

Jun 17, 2024 | Robert Hum, CAIA

Learn how multifactor ETFs use differentiated sources of return to provide a consistent exposure to rewarded factors.

Insight on India, the world’s fastest-growing major economy

May 1, 2024 | BlackRock

Discover how favorable demographics and geopolitical shifts may be turbocharging India’s path to becoming a top global economy.

Vehicle structure, strategy, and asset class impact fund tax efficiency

Apr 10, 2024 | BlackRock

ETFs have historically been more tax-efficient than Mutual Funds. Learn what drives tax efficiency and how Active ETFs fit in the picture.

iShares Spring 2024 Investment Directions

Apr 4, 2024 | Gargi Pal Chaudhuri

iShares Spring 2024 Investment Directions outlines key opportunities across asset classes and regions based on our market and macroeconomic views.

Taking Stock: Q2 2024 Equity Market Outlook

Mar 21, 2024 | Tony DeSpirito

A strong start historically has signaled a positive year for stocks. How does an election shape that outlook? Equity CIO Tony DeSpirito weighs in.

iShares 2024 Year Ahead Outlook

Dec 5, 2023 | Gargi Pal Chaudhuri

2024 Year Ahead Outlook captures key market and macro moves while unpacking investment opportunities across U.S. fixed income, equities, and thematic exposures.

Income + growth: investing to have your cake and eat it too

Sep 28, 2023 | Systematic Investing

Equity investors are often forced to choose between upside potential or high dividends. Do option-based active ETF strategies help eliminate the need to choose?

iShares Fall 2023 Investment Directions

Sep 26, 2023 | Gargi Pal Chaudhuri

Read how we couple our macroeconomic views and market positioning to unpack key opportunities across U.S. equities, fixed income, and international exposures.

Cash is back… as a tailwind for global macro

Jul 31, 2023 | Tom Becker

Higher cash rates create a tailwind for global macro strategies like BlackRock's Tactical Opportunities Fund. Learn more from portfolio manager Tom Becker.

How are ETFs tax efficient?

Dec 29, 2022 | Daniel Prince, CFA

ETFs can help investors keep more of what they earn. Here’s how.


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