iShares megatrend ETFs target long-term trends or megatrends - from robotics to genomics to clean energy - that are expected to transform the way we live and work and can help you engage with existing and prospective clients.


Explore how to capture the themes transforming the way we live & work.

HED: Invest in the Megatrends Reshaping Our World

The future is coming at us fast. 

This year, a decade’s worth of innovation has taken place in a matter of months. 

These seismic shifts haven’t just impacted our everyday lives – they’re also transforming the global economy. 

And iShares Megatrend ETFs can help investors access these long-term opportunities.  

It’s hard to pick individual winners. 

But Megatrend ETFs offer exposure to the broad forces reinventing our world, from clean energy and cybersecurity to robotics and AI. 

Many of these themes have taken center stage this year.  

We’re living through a test of virtual work and virtual life, and this connectivity has changed everything from how we visit the doctor to how our children go to school.   

We’ve also seen an acceleration in medical breakthroughs, with advances in genomics and immunology shining a light on this ongoing trend. 

iShares Megatrend ETFs let you invest in the companies that are not only innovating today but could become the mega-cap leaders of tomorrow. 

And this means that as a theme grows, you have the opportunity to gain exposure to this innovation through an ETF. 

Because an investment in innovation has the potential to drive returns over multiple market cycles… 

…and a quality ETF can help do more for your portfolio.  

BlackRock believes five key transformational forces will drive seismic shifts today and for years to come

Technological breakthrough

Technological breakthrough

70% of organizations plan to increase cyber spending following COVID-19 Pandemic.1

Climate change & resource scarcity

Climate change & resource scarcity

50% of the world’s energy is predicted to come from solar and wind by 2050.2

Demographics & social change

Demographics & social change

57% of patients prefer to see doctors using technology, instead of in-person3

Rapid urbanization

Rapid urbanization

Global infrastructure needs will require $94 trillion of investment by 2040.4

Emerging global wealth

Emerging global wealth

44 people escape extreme poverty in India every minute and China mints 2 billionaires per week.5

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