Sustainable investing

What is sustainable investing?

Strategies with environmental, social and/or governance (ESG) objectives, themes, and related considerations as a principal means for selecting investments.
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Sustainable assets have more than tripled since 2015.¹

1. Source: Morningstar as of 12/31/2023. Based on 287 sustainable ETFs and 426 sustainable open-end funds as defined by Morningstar to have a sustainability focus. This includes funds classified as ESG integration, impact, and sector funds.

Sustainable investing is on the rise

With this growth has come an expanding menu of choices for investors looking to adopt sustainable investment strategies. BlackRock offers a robust suite of sustainable mutual funds and ETFs and can help you find strategies to potentially meet your investment and sustainability objectives.


Help grow your practice and express your clients’ preferences in their portfolio with sustainable investing.


Meet client demand & express their preferences

Many clients are interested in investing sustainably.

As you strive to keep your current clients and to attract new clients, investing in strategies with environmental, social & governance (ESG) objectives can potentially be a great place to start across many investor types.

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High net worth

Tap into a large concentration of wealth

Meet client demand & express their preferences.

When engaging with your current HNW clients and attracting new ones, consider discussing sustainable investing with them.

Many HNW advisors invest sustainably, typically allocating over ¼ of their portfolio on average. 57% of HNW advisors hold sustainable strategies and 65% of those advisors plan to increase over the next 12 months.2

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Millennial demand for sustainable

Millennials will inherit $73 trillion by 2045.3

Millennials are particularly interested in sustainable investing, with 86% of surveyed millennial investors expressing an interest in sustainable investing.4 As a record generational transfer of assets takes place, offering sustainability can help investment professionals capture the next generation of clients.

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Women are building greater wealth

Opportunity to gain assets.

Women are growing their income, making more financial decisions in their families, and are interested in sustainable strategies.
Women control more than 1⁄3 of total U.S. household financial assets.6 64% of women incorporate sustainability concerns into their investment decisions.7

Sustainable funds for your clients’ portfolios

Find what's appropriate for your clients as you look to incorporate sustainable investing in their portfolios. Consider these sustainable building blocks as a way to get started.

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“Core” investments are long term holdings that typically provide the foundation of investment portfolios and occupy the largest allocation. Replacing portions or all of your core investments with sustainable funds may offer similar broad market exposure while improving your portfolio’s sustainability profile.

Sustainable building blocks for your portfolio

Core complements can be used to pursue high growth opportunities or invest in specific themes you care about. For example, if you are interested in investing in innovative climate change solutions, thematic funds offer targeted exposure to themes such as clean energy.

Target specific themes - invest in what matters to your clients

Do you want to invest sustainably across your entire portfolio? More sustainable and ESG models are being made available for investors, which include sustainable funds.

Performance data quoted represents past performance and guarantee of future results. Investment returns and principal may fluctuate so that an investor's shares, when redeemed, worth more or less than their original cost. All returns assume reinvestment of dividends of capital gains. Current performance may be lower or higher than that shown. For a prospectus, fees, standardized performance and most recent month end performance of a fund, please click on the fund card above.

Build a sustainable portfolio

Measure the sustainability characteristics of your clients’ portfolios. Learn more about their exposure to environmental, social, and governance risks and opportunities through ESG ratings and carbon emissions intensity.
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Measure sustainability characteristics
Upload your clients’ portfolios to our 360° tool and analyze potential ESG risks and opportunities within seconds.
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Access our sustainable model portfolios
Explore our Target Allocation ESG model portfolios.

Client resources for sustainable investing

BlackRock offers choice to help investors reach their investment goals and is committed to making the process of getting started simple.

As you engage with existing and new clients, leverage our resources below to help them identify their sustainable investing needs.

Spark the conversation

Use this four-step conversation guide to engage new and existing clients about their sustainable investing goals.

A guide for your clients

Are your clients asking about sustainable investing? Share this client-friendly guide with them for the why, what and how of sustainable investing.