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Redesigning portfolios for 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated profound changes in how economies and societies operate. This calls for major shifts in client portfolios. Explore three opportunities that can help prepare portfolios for 2021 and beyond.

Markets have changed in a meaningful way

Make sure you can still deliver on your client goals. Portfolios may need to make meaningful adjustments to navigate lower returns and higher risk.
The new nominal
The #1 challenge for 2021 is how to manage bonds given record low yields.
Globalization rewired
Global supply chains are fragmenting, placing greater importance on diversifying returns internationally, particularly in emerging markets.
Turbocharged transformations
The pandemic has accelerated a “winner takes all” dynamic that calls for rethinking portfolio allocations.
Meet the challenge of low rates with a bond barbell
With low rates expected to continue, consider a bond barbell to combine index and active exposures within your fixed income allocation. Learn how to barbell your bonds by anchoring your portfolio with bond ETFs and allocating your fee budget to flexible and alternative active strategies.
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Make your bonds work for today's markets

We explain how to barbell your bonds and why the approach could help you offset market risk, preserve capital and seek income.

Think beyond 60/40
With stock markets near record highs and bond yields near record lows, traditional 60/40 portfolios are under pressure. Find new sources of return and diversification with unconstrained and alternative investments.
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Equities beyond the ordinary
The pandemic has accelerated a “winner takes all” dynamic that calls for reallocating portfolios to areas poised for outsized growth.
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Sustainable - our vision of the future

Just as every day activities have improved thanks to data and technology (i.e. driving a car), so has investing. Explore how sustainable investing can help give a more complete view of the companies you invest in.

U.S. equities: too much of a good thing?
U.S. stocks make up 75% of advisor equity exposure, way above the All Country World Index weighting. BlackRock is bullish on U.S. stocks too, but not to this extent. Consider dialing it back a bit and shifting focus to international.
Read why we believe it's time for U.S. investors to consider overseas stocks.

Getting started

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