Counsel clients with behavioral finance

Logically, a client’s investment decisions should be driven by numbers. But, in reality, emotions are in play. That’s why your clients need a coach to help them stay invested through the market’s ups and downs.

Why discuss


Be the voice of reason

Help clients remember their long-term goals in the face of emotional market disruptions.


Acquire new clients

Invite prospective clients to your seminar and show them your value as an advisor and personal coach.


Boost client loyalty

Build trust with existing clients by offering sound advice in times of market upheaval.

Use seminars to prospect

Share client-approved resources

Diversification can feel disappointing

Clients often experience “S&P Envy” when comparing their portfolio to the stock market. Help clients see past their emotions and embrace the diversified portfolio.

Investing with emotions can be costly

Following emotions through a market cycle often leads investors to follow the “herd,” resulting in buying high and selling low. Guide clients to make investment decisions based on convictions, not emotions.

Win more by losing less

While many clients focus on capturing returns in a bull market, limiting a portfolio’s returns during a downturn has a bigger overall impact across market cycles. Explain this critical lesson for long-term success.

There’s always a reason to sell stocks

Historically the stock market’s worst days have often clustered together, followed by a rebound in returns. Demonstrate the benefits of staying invested through volatile times.