Counsel clients with behavioral finance

Logically, a client’s investment decisions should be driven by numbers. But, in reality, emotions are in play. That’s why your clients need a coach to help them stay invested through the market’s ups and downs.
Be the voice of reason
Help clients remember their long-term goals in the face of emotional market disruptions.
Acquire new clients
Invite prospective clients to your seminar and show them your value as an advisor and personal coach.
Boost client loyalty
Build trust with existing clients by offering sound advice in times of market upheaval.

Scout with seminars

Differentiate yourself

While other advisors talk about standard deviation and risk tolerance, you can better explain risk-reward, answer “what if” questions, make panic-proof plans and identify investments to manage volatility.

360 Evaluator
360 Evaluator
Examine your client’s portfolio from different angles and see the potential impact of adjusting allocations.
Scenario Tester
Scenario Tester
Anticipate the risks to your client’s portfolio in different market scenarios to better prepare for the unexpected.
Align portfolio to goals
Ensure the portfolio is designed to appropriately manage risks.
Write down the plan
Stayed aligned on and document the long-term plan together.
Stick to the plan
Coach your client to help them confidently navigate rough markets.
Manage portfolio volatility
Market volatility can unnerve even the most experienced investors. Lower volatility investments and can help manage volatility, making it easier for investors to stay the course during market turmoil.
Consider investments to manage volatility

Coach your clients and prospects

Being there for your clients when their emotional behaviors recur reinforces their trust in you. These visual aids can help you show clients the rationale behind decisions and why they should take your advice.

Investors often experience regret, or “S&P Envy”, when comparing their diversified portfolio to the stock market. Help clients see past their emotions.
Diversification can feel disappointing
Most investors aim for long-term goals but can get side tracked when short-term volatility and large losses occur. Remind clients not to panic during downturns.
Staying invested for the long-term
Counterintuitively, limiting a portfolio’s returns during a downturn can boost success more than increasing its upside potential. Explain this critical lesson for long-term success.
Win more by losing less

Want more client acquisition ideas?

Connect with women
Empower women
Help current and future female clients define what wealth means for them and build a solid foundation.
Incorporate Social Security
Incorporate Social Security
Increase referrals by helping retiring clients maximize benefits and gain confidence.
Short on time to acquire clients?
Apply our three ingredients for business growth to unlock more time for your current and prospective clients.
Short on time to acquire clients?