BlackRock Business Consulting

We are your partner in business growth. Let us help you drive greater efficiency in your business, develop and lead your team, consider new growth opportunities and build trust with your clients and prospects.
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Our expertise

Partner with BlackRock Business Consulting to grow your business while making the most of your time with your existing and prospective clients.

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Enact growth strategies

The growth formula

Three steps to grow your business

The key to growth is carving out impactful time with current and prospective clients. To achieve this, top advisors we’ve consulted with focus on (1) streamlining their investments, (2) increasing their business efficiency and (3) instilling trust with clients.

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Earn tomorrow’s clients

Earn tomorrow’s clients

Retiring + emerging + diverse investors

Baby boomers are starting to navigate retirement while the growth of Millennial wealth is accelerating. Additionally, changing demographics are layering cultural complexity onto financial needs. Earning the trust of tomorrow’s more complex clients will be key to the future growth trajectory of your business.

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Deliver for HNW clients

The HNW advisor of the future

Trends from top teams

Just like financial markets, your clients continue to evolve. The next ten years will not look like the last ten years, and understanding the shifting client landscape –including the increased concentration of wealth among investors and $70T intergenerational wealth transfer –will be critical to your continued success.

Partner with us

We work with advisors, teams and firms across the industry. Our consultants share insights, best practices and resources to help you grow your business. Explore the different ways you can engage with us.

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Articles, web pages, presentations, worksheets and guides.


Seminars and workshops sharing our insights and peer best practices.


One-on-one engagements to support your business transformation and growth.


Bespoke engagements that focus on co-created solutions, flexible process and ongoing accountability.

Who we are

The BlackRock Business Consulting team delivers strategic consulting, industry trends & insights, bespoke study groups, leadership development and specialized client presentations for advisors, teams, and firms across the industry. Our consultants help identify opportunities to accelerate business growth, both organically and inorganically.

Katie Cullen, CFP®
Head of BlackRock Business Consulting
Katie Cullen helps advisors identify opportunities to accelerate business growth to include collaborating with outside experts in all fields of growth leadership and transformation. She leads her team in conducting strategic consulting engagements, speaking and writing about industry trends, and facilitating executive forums and study groups.
Stefanie Gonzalez
Senior Leadership Coach & Business Consultant
Stefanie Gonzalez works with advisors, teams and firms across all distribution channels. She is a certified International Coaching Federation (ICF) and Positive Intelligence (CPQC) coach, an HBDI (Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument) facilitator and is certified in Daniel Goleman’s Foundational Skills of Emotional Intelligence.
Michael Graci
Senior Financial Wellness Consultant & National Speaker
Michael Graci is a nationally recognized speaker and has been in the financial services industry for more than 30 years. He offers extensive expertise and experience in all aspects of financial planning, financial wellness and retirement benefits.
Danielle Lore
Client Education Specialist & Program Manager
Danielle Lore serves as a national specialist on financial planning topics including Social Security, Medicare, and College Planning. She is responsible for presenting educational programs as well as consulting with both advisors and their clients on these topics.
Meredith Mehr
Business Consulting Program Manager
Meredith Mehr delivers strategic consulting, industry insights, bespoke study groups, leadership development programs and specialized client presentations for advisors, teams and firms. Meredith and her team help advisors identify opportunities to accelerate business growth both organically and inorganically.
Jim Renitsky, CIMA®
Senior Growth Consultant
Jim Renitsky consults with the largest and fastest growing advisory teams/firms across the industry and leads growth related engagements including strategic planning, data driven business analytics and facilitator led study groups. He is a subject matter expert and lead presenter on business growth and the client experience.
Jennifer Taboada
Senior Financial Wellness Consultant & National Speaker
Jennifer Taboada has deep experience creating and presenting educational programs on financial planning topics. She leads the Social Security Consulting team and serves as a national specialist and speaker on topics including Social Security, behavioral finance, women & investing, changing client demographics and financial literacy.