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Build trust by sharing investing basics

Financial jargon is often the biggest hurdle stopping individuals from getting invested; 64% of non-investors in the U.S. find information about investing difficult to understand†. Our Investing Basics resources can help.
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Invest with purpose
Many clients know that investing is important. But why is that, and how should they be thinking about investing in the context of their entire financial picture? Help them to see where they stand today and map a path for their future.

Define client goals

Everyone’s goals are different. Use this worksheet to help define the right financial plan for the short, medium, and long terms.

Establish a budget

Do your clients really know where their money goes? Help them gain clarity around their cash flow so they can establish a realistic budget and feel in control of their financial future.

Build effective portfolios
Portfolios are one of the most important parts of investing. Teach your clients the building blocks and methodologies around risk and return that goes into constructing their portfolios.

Win more by losing less

While many clients focus on capturing returns in a bull markets, limiting a portfolio's returns during a downturn has a larger overall impact across market cycles. Explain this critical lesson for long-term success.

Diversification can feel disappointing

Clients often experience “S&P Envy” when comparing their portfolio to the stock market. Help clients see past their emotions and embrace the diversified portfolio.

Protect against “Dollar Cost Ravaging”

While investors spend years creating the right portfolio to accumulate wealth, they often overlook the changes needed as they enter retirement. Educate clients on the importance of downside protection to sustain their lifestyle through retirement.

Set an investment policy

Align with your clients on an investment plan and write it down. Use this worksheet to articulate the appropriate investment approach aligned to client goals.

Get started
What’s next for your clients? When’s the best time to start? Which account should they use? Teach your clients how to start aligning their actions with the goals they want to accomplish.

Invest in a better retirement

With all the different retirement account types out there, it’s easy for clients to get overwhelmed. Options will depend on where they work, but sorting through them doesn’t have to be complicated.

Invest in future education

A 529 college savings plan could be a great way for clients to grow assets for education expenses and pay for them  tax-free.