Empower women

Many women are solely responsible for their finances or a breadwinner in their family. They are seeking advice and guidance more than ever before. We look forward to helping you build stronger relationships with your female clients.

Why discuss


Acquire new clients

Invite prospective clients to your seminar and show them your value.


Build loyalty with unengaged spouses

Connect with both spouses to increase trust and the longevity of the relationship.


Engage the next generation

Women stand to inherit at least half of the trillions expected to be passed from baby boomers to their heirs.

Customize her portfolio

While many financial goals, such as saving for retirement, are universal, women face unique investment challenges related to how long they live, how they earn, and how they spend.

Host seminars to prospect

Address unique needs

Share client-approved resources

Define your goals

Everyone’s goals are different. Complete this worksheet together to better understand her goals and establish trust.

Life after divorce

Divorce is challenging. Help your clients take the best next steps to reestablish financial independence.

Investment policy worksheet

Once you know her goals, work together to create an investment roadmap to stay aligned in the long run.

Life after loss

The loss of a spouse can leave both emotional and financial scars. Empathetically help your clients navigate this difficult time.