Connect with women

Many women are solely responsible for their finances or a major breadwinner in their family. They are seeking advice and guidance more than they ever have. We look forward to helping you create stronger bridges between you and your female clients.

Let our Women, Wealth and Well-Being resources help you:

Acquire new clients
Invite prospective clients to your seminar and show them your value.
Build loyalty with unengaged spouses
Connecting with both spouses increases trust and increases the longevity of the relationship.

Host workshops for women

Workshops and seminars give you the opportunity to demonstrate your value and priorities. The Women, Wealth and Well-Being presentation helps empower women to define what wealth means to them, make sense of financial headlines and take steps to build their financial foundation.
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If you are hosting a seminar, make sure to share success stories and provide ample time for Q&A. Alternatively, this content can be offered as a workshop where attendees spend time discussing and completing the program’s worksheets. Either way, your event can be more impactful if you invite your current clients and ask them to bring friends.

Gain female clients through trust

Ask what’s important
Don’t assume you know what drives her. Everyone’s goals are different: retirement, college, independence or an around-the-world trip. Complete our Your Wealth. Your Goals. worksheet together to better understand her goals and establish trust.
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Ensure she’s invested
Many women are un- or underinvested. Consider offering a simple, risk-appropriate asset allocation. Discuss the roles of the different investments in her portfolio and how the portfolio aligns to why she is investing.
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Consider investing with purpose
Sustainable investing is about investing in progress and pioneering better ways of doing business. It recognizes that companies solving the world’s challenges may be best positioned for growth.
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Coach through life changes

Even the best financial plans can be thrown a curveball. These worksheets can help you cut through the confusion and ensure your clients stay on track.

As investors age and their finances become more complex, it becomes critical to have financial plans and legal documents in place. Ensure your clients’ wishes are known, documented and safeguarded.
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Protect your wealth
The loss of a spouse can leave both emotional and financial scars. Empathetically help your clients navigate this difficult time.
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Life after loss
Divorce is challenging. Help your clients take the best next steps to reestablish financial independence.
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Life after divorce

Want more client acquisition ideas?

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Grow through behavioral coaching
Demonstrate your ability to help clients confidently navigate the ups and downs of the markets and their emotions.
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Incorporate Social Security
Increase referrals by helping retiring clients maximize benefits and gain confidence.
Short on time to acquire clients?
Apply our three ingredients for business growth to unlock more time for your current and prospective clients.
Build your business for the future Build your business for the future
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