Financial education resources for your clients

Investing 101 for your clients

Financial jargon is often the biggest hurdle to getting individuals invested. In the U.S., 64% of non-investors say information about investing is difficult to understand.† Use our resources to educate and empower clients to invest.

Discuss investing and planning

Many clients know investing is important but don’t know how to think about it in the context of their overall financial picture. Help your clients understand where they stand today and map a path for their future.

Simplify portfolio discussions

Investors are more comfortable with taking risk when they understand it. Teach your clients the building blocks and methodologies around risk and return that goes into constructing their portfolios.

Explain features of accounts

Clients can feel more confident about investing in a particular account if they understand why the features are right for their needs. Teach your clients how to start aligning their actions with their goals.