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BlackRock Model Portfolios

Models you can make your own

With BlackRock model portfolios you get investment guidance, a disciplined investment approach and customizable models to help you meet your clients' unique goals.

A model for every investor

BlackRock has built a menu of model portfolios to help meet real life goals for real-life clients. Our models are designed to help you seek better returns throughout a spectrum of risk objectives including conservative, moderate and aggressive.

Meet the model portfolios

Learn more about BlackRock's Target Allocation and Income models available in mutual funds, ETFs or a combination of both using solutions across alpha1, index and factor strategies.
We have streamlined our models web experience to view BlackRock model portfolios.
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Target Allocation
Our flagship model portfolios offering a suite of dynamically managed models for investors across the full risk spectrum.
Customize models
Multi-Asset Income
Model portfolios for investors who are focused on income, available across conservative, moderate and growth risk profiles.
Global Allocation
Global Allocation
Model portfolios for active investors combining alpha1, index, and factor models into one portfolio.
Introduce BlackRock to your clients
Our client-friendly brochure shares how BlackRock partners with financial professionals like you to help achieve client goals.