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Gain access to market updates that can help Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) firms navigate volatility and gain more insight to better advise your clients.

  • Tax-savvy choices for equity investors

    Tax-savvy choices for equity investors

    Oct 27, 2023 | By BlackRock
    Learn how different equity strategies and investment vehicles can impact your after-tax returns.
  • Donate stock to charity for bigger tax savings

    Donate stock to charity for bigger tax savings

    Feb 15, 2023 | By BlackRock
    Stock donations are more advantageous than cash – for both you as a taxpayer and the charities you support. Be sure to maximize the benefits of your generosity.
  • Reduce taxation through asset location

    Reduce taxation through asset location

    Oct 20, 2022 | By BlackRock
    Learn how to allocate assets across account types for optimal tax efficiency.

BlackRock mutual funds now available without transaction fees

In a down market, keeping portfolio transaction fees low is more important than ever. BlackRock funds are now available through Schwab Advisor Services with no transaction fees.*
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Resources for developing your practice

Learn new RIA investment strategies, revamp your methods, and help your clients.

The growth formula
Find more time for your clients and grow your firm

Learn ways to lead your team, streamline your investment approach, hear from BlackRock’s insights leadership, and earn tomorrow’s clients. Access growth strategies and improve your firm’s efficiencies. We have the formula.

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Implement a digital-first marketing strategy

Access digital marketing tools designed to help you authentically scale client communications.

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Learn about the latest insights with RIA firms, attend our exclusive events, and hear from firms just like yours. Be a part of a community that has the same goals as you.

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Private Advisor Group’s James Sullivan shares what top RIAs are doing to differentiate their client experience, grow their practice, and retain talent.
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Expected Return Analyzer

Test your portfolios against forward-looking projections to see how they stack up against your clients’ goals and which alternative strategies can help bridge the gap.
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You don’t have to spend hours collecting and analyzing the tax impact of capital gains on all your clients portfolios. Tax Evaluator aggregates and automates this process for you! With access to over 7,000 mutual funds and ETFs all in one place, you can create a detailed picture – in minutes. See which funds have reported estimated capital gains distributions before your clients incur the tax liability. You can also help your clients consider the benefits of tax loss harvesting by identifying funds with negative price returns. Additionally, compare fund characteristics and rankings to help clients make informed decisions about specific holdings. Use Tax Evaluator to track portfolios, identify potential tax savings, and help your clients keep more of what they earn. Run a tax analysis today at


Tax Evaluator

Use our evaluator to help identify and avoid pending capital gain distributions for 3,500+ funds, discover tax loss harvesting opportunities, and help your clients keep more of what they earn.