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If you are growing organically, guess what, you're in the top 50% of firms.

It's one thing to have a well-thought-out plan on a piece of paper. It is a whole completely different thing to actually enact that plan and it be successful.

If you create a business that you would want to buy, then you've got options.

You need to be 100% prepared to be proactive.

One of the things we're very clear about is what we're coming to work for every day.

Individuals have individual circumstances and that we need to be able to flex and accommodate those.

Buyers are looking at qualitative factors long before they look at the numbers.

Sellers want to make sure that their clients are taken care of. And it's not just status quo. It's not just say, hey, maintain the status quo.

While we think M&A is a great growth path for us, it's not the only growth path.

It's not tough to find people, it is tough to find talent.

Sometimes it's not in our own backyard, sometimes it's down the street.

Folks, just the way the society is evolving, they're not looking for a job. They're not even looking for like a career. They’re actually kind of in search of a vision or a mission.

The puck is going to continue to move the RIA direction.




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There’s heavy competition in the RIA space. Watch our RIA leader lab video series for a chance to hear how top RIA owners and operators established their brand and discover opportunities for organic and inorganic growth.

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