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Private markets unleashed

Join our experts as they discuss how advisors can find new sources of return in today's low-yield, high-risk world.

Our product strategists share a private market update and We unveil a tool that can test your current portfolios and help identify strategies to bring your clients' closer to their goals.

Thursday, October 21, 2021
2:00PM ET/11:00AM PT

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Discussion topics will include:

  • Our outlook on today's opportunities in private equity and where it can help amplify returns.
  • Why a 50/30/20 is the new 60/40 and how to size/select alternatives for your portfolio.
  • Is your portfolio meeting expectations? See how to meet clients’ goals with Expected Return Analyzer.

Our speakers

Stephen Kelly
Senior Portfolio Manager, Head of the BlackRock Private Investments Fund
Mike Meehan
Vice-President, Portfolio Solutions Group
Ken Lantigua
Market Leader, Private Wealth Advisory Group
Jennifer Pinga
Director, Advisor Center
Jon Diorio
Managing Director, USWA Product Group
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