Get to know investing

  • Understanding investments

    Understanding investments

    All investments are not equal, and knowing what to invest in, when to invest in it and how much to invest are difficult questions to answer.

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  • What is an investor.

    What is an investor

    You are more likely to be an investor than you realise. It simply means you have money in a range of places than just cash in a savings account.

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  • Risk vs Reward.

    Risk vs Reward

    You never know when you might need cash. But keeping it in a savings account can lose you money over the longer term.

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  • How much can I afford to invest.

    How much can I afford to invest

    We can thank our grandparents for their advice on understanding how to save, budget & invest. Although society has changed, the simple rules of money haven’t.

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  • Having lots of eggs.

    Having lots of eggs – The beauty of diversification

    Investing in funds rather than individual stocks & shares may have advantages such as lower risk & less hassle.

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  • A balanced investment diet.

    A balanced investment diet

    Diversifying between stocks, bonds, asset classes, sectors & countries is important. It can protect you if one stock dips or a general market downturn.

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  • Marathon not a sprint.

    It’s a marathon, not a sprint

    By drip-feeding smaller amounts consistently into your portfolio you could benefit than if you invested a lump sum.

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  • Power of compounding.

    The power of compounding

    Not many understand the “magic” of compounding – and how your returns can grow exponentially.

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