BlackRock CoRI Funds

A new choice for retirement income planning

For investors seeking retirement income clarity with flexibility

Introducing the BlackRock CoRI® Funds, designed for people 55 and older who would like to plan for retirement income. The CoRI Funds track the changing cost of retirement income, as measured by the BlackRock CoRI Indexes, to help you stay on track toward your retirement income goals.


Why should you consider CoRI funds?

Whether you’re nearing retirement or recently made the transition, CoRI Funds may help you stay on track to your retirement income goals.

So what do I do with my money?®

The CoRI Funds seek to track the corresponding CoRI Retirement Index, which provides an estimate of how much each dollar of annual retirement income may cost. That means, if your CoRI Fund is successful in achieving its objective, it should increase or decrease with changes in the expected cost of future lifetime income, helping you track toward your retirement income goal. Choose the CoRI Retirement Index and CoRI Fund whose name most closely matches the year you turn 65 so you can:

FIND YOUR NUMBER: Use your CoRI Index to find out the annual retirement income you are on track for.

CONSIDER IN A CoRI FUND: Your CoRI Fund may help you keep on track toward your retirement income goals.

TRACK YOUR INDEX: Continue to check in on your CoRI Index to make sure you’re on track.1

Explore the CoRI tool

Explore the CoRI tool

Have you thought about your plan for retirement income? The CoRI tool can help.