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Fundamental Active Equity

Our fundamental active equity investment strategies leverage BlackRock’s resources in efforts to meet client demands for higher alpha and outcome-oriented strategies. Each of our fundamental strategies focuses on company-specific research that’s driven by human insight and enhanced by innovative technologies.


Fundamental active equity has over 170 investment professionals across 14 investment hubs (as of 06/30/2018), with its investment strategies broadly split between four main product types. These include:

  • Core Alpha Strategies – traditional actively managed benchmarked-linked products that may help provide clients with core holdings in global, regional and single country equity markets.
  • High Conviction Alpha Strategies – for clients who seek higher levels of outperformance and are comfortable with more volatile returns.
  • Outcome Oriented Strategies – products which offer clients potential solutions to their specific needs, such as equity income.
  • Sector & Specialty Strategies – leverage deep expertise in specific industries or market segments in seeking to target specific return streams or exposures.

Why choose BlackRock?

Diverse and truly active

Whether focused on specific outcomes, high alpha, core, growth, value or geographic exposures, all our products are designed to respond to specific client requirements. Evolving markets and client needs mean that we continue to evolve our products so that they continue to function as intended and serve client objectives.

Autonomous teams equipped with robust information

Our fundamental active equity teams operate autonomously, with each team making decisions independently. Crucially, though, all are underpinned by the strength, resources and insights of BlackRock. For our clients, this means our portfolio managers have the freedom to allocate across regions, countries, industries and individual stocks, while also having access to the opportunities, research and resources only available to a global asset manager.

Information sharing is a crucial aspect of the process. In addition to a regular dialogue between teams, portfolio managers can tap into the insights available within both BlackRock and the wider industry, through topical investor forums organized under the umbrella of the BlackRock Investment Institute.

Corporate engagement

Our investment teams engage with company management on a regular basis, enabling us to develop deeper investment insights and a broader perspective. We are actively committed to defending the interests of our clients through regular, robust engagement with the companies in which we invest.