Target Date Explorer®

Designed to help you provide an assessment of target date fund families, including both mutual funds and collective trust funds.

Over half of today’s 401(k) plan contributions are invested in target date funds – and plan sponsors rank investment due diligence as the most valuable service provided by their retirement plan advisor.1 As a plan advisor, you can help your institutional clients meet their fiduciary responsibilities and select a fund which they feel aligns with plan goals, objectives and the investment policy statement.

Target Date Explorer® seeks to arm advisors with objective and detailed criteria to help plan sponsors make the target date fund choice that best fits their needs.
Easily search for funds and screen for specific criteria
Filter and sort results to evaluate funds against key criteria
Build custom reports to share with clients
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Simply choose up to three funds you’d like to compare, assess specific characteristics and build client-ready customized reports.
Target Date Fund Explorer
The essential guide to target date funds
Download this guide to offer plan sponsors a comprehensive checklist for evaluating their target date funds based on what matters most to their plan.
Essential guide