Strategic plan design

Strategic plan design

BlackRock's technology analyzes plan features to help you understand and prioritize changes to your clients' plan design.

Sharpen plan design with BlackRock

Your clients look to you to help identify opportunities for improvement to their plan. Suggesting change is one thing; quantifying the impact those changes can have on participants’ retirement readiness puts you in a position to drive action and demonstrate your value.
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Innovative technology
Our Future in Focus® tool offers data-driven analysis to test and support strategic plan design changes as you seek to improve participant outcomes.
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Participant focus
Our resources can help plan sponsors engage participants to and through retirement to help achieve better outcomes and holistic financial well-being.
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Plan design analysis
We tailor our proprietary analysis to the specifics of your plan and participant demographics to help you build better retirement security for your participants.

Future in Focus® tool

BlackRock’s Future in Focus® tool can help you offer data-driven analysis to support strategic design changes that may help your clients:

  • Increase low participation or savings rates
  • Drive retirement readiness
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the QDIA
  • Explore the impact of auto-enrollment or auto-escalation
  • Assess the impact of fees over time

Get started

Our interactive tool can help you see where a plan stands and explore potential changes in a matter of minutes—all with just a few straightforward inputs.
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Participant engagement

Help clients leverage modern, compelling participant communication resources that are designed to engage and educate participants to help them get the most of their retirement plan.
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