What do your clients want from your target date recommendations

BlackRock invented the target date fund more than 25 years ago, and continues to win recognition today.
Meet a range of client objectives, each built on the same foundation of research and experience.
Designed to meet retirement objectives based on participant-driven research on how people earn, spend and save.

In the 25 years since BlackRock introduced LifePath®, our goal has remained the same: helping you guide your clients and their participants successfully into retirement.

We'll support you with digital tools, research, and insight to help you meet your clients' needs and create confidence that you have helped them make the right choice for them.

We help you build your retirement practice by helping plan sponsors select an appropriate target date fund with a range of investment implementation options, advanced analytic tools and robust participant education resources.

Pioneering Research


Our research has a unique starting point: people.

Target date funds should not be merely about asset allocation mixes. They should be about how people work, earn and spend – and how they want to live in retirement.

That’s why our research agenda is driven by people first: we want to understand the retirement outcomes our funds are designed to help achieve.
Our research has a unique starting point: people

A Lifetime of Investing

Our empirical research helps us precisely evaluate every stage of the glidepath to help manage risk and optimize retirement outcomes.

Post-Retirement - What allocation provides a more sustainable retirement income for today’s longer retirements?

What drives the glidepath:
The asset mix and risk profile at every stage of our glidepath is founded in empirical research into how real people earn, save, and spend.

Range of Solutions


Chooses your path to retirement outcomes

Help you clients achieve their own unique vision and retirement objectives

Asset Class Management
Index vs. Active
Glidepath Model
Strategic vs. Tactical
Investment Vehicle
Collective Trust vs. Mutual Fund

A choice of implementations, each build on the same deeply researched strategic foundation.

LifePath Index
  • Low cost, efficient index implementations
  • Considered by fee-sensitive plan sponsors that are looking for broad market exposure
LifePath Dynamic
  • Incorporates a deliberate process to seek outperformance and additional return
  • Considered by plan sponsors looking for maximum opportunity to add active risk
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Client-ready Resources


Help your clients navigate the journey

Equally important to BlackRock’s commitment to excellence in investing is our commitment to helping you bring value to your clients as they navigate the important task of selecting a target date fund for their plan.

Tools for you to objectively evaluate TDFs
Target Date Explorer® seeks to arm advisors with objective and detailed criteria to help plan sponsors make the target date fund choice that best fits their needs.
Use the tool
Tools for you to objectively evaluate TDFs
Thought Leadership to help your clients stay informed
Explore critical differences among target date funds as part of a robust evaluation process to help you make the best choice for your plan.
Learn more
Thought Leadership to help your clients stay informed
Education to help participants make the right TDF choice for them
Access our robust suite of LifePath communications. These materials are designed to be clear, leverage behavioral finance principles to support decision-making, and encourage participants to take action based on their situation.
Education to help participants make the right TDF choice for them

The Morningstar Analyst Rating is not a credit or risk rating. It is a subjective evaluation performed by the manager research analysts of Morningstar. Morningstar evaluates funds based on five key pillars, which are process, performance, people, parent, and price. Analysts use this five pillar evaluation to determine how they believe funds are likely to perform over the long term on a risk-adjusted basis. They consider quantitative and qualitative factors in their research, and the weighting of each pillar may vary. The Analyst Rating scale is Gold, Silver, Bronze, Neutral, Negative. A Morningstar Analyst Rating of Gold, Silver, or Bronze reflect an Analyst’s conviction in a fund’s prospects for outperformance. Analyst Ratings are continuously monitored and reevaluated at least every 14 months. For more detailed information about Morningstar’s Analyst Rating, including its methodology, please go to http://corporate.morningstar.com/us/documents/MethodologyDocuments/AnalystRatingforFundsMethodology.pdf. The Morningstar Analyst Rating should not be used as the sole basis in evaluating a mutual fund. Morningstar Analyst Ratings involve unknown risks and uncertainties which may cause Morningstar’s expectations not to occur or to differ significantly from what we expected.

Morningstar has awarded LifePath Index K share and Institutional share classes a Gold medal, its highest level of conviction. (Latest rating as of 1/21/20). Morningstar has awarded LifePath Dynamic K share class a Bronze medal. Fewer than 10% of US open-end funds hold medalist ratings. (Latest rating as of 11/15/19).

The LifePath Funds may be offered as mutual funds. You should consider the investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses of the funds carefully before investing. The prospectuses and, if available, the summary prospectuses contain this and other information about the funds and are available, along with information on other BlackRock funds, by calling 800-882-0052 or at blackrock.com. The prospectuses and, if available, the summary prospectuses should be read carefully before investing.

Investing involves risk, including possible loss of principal. Asset allocation models and diversification do not promise any level of performance or guarantee against loss of principal. Investment in the funds is subject to the risks of the underlying funds. The principal value of the funds is not guaranteed at any time, including at and after the target date. The target date in the fund’s name is the approximate date an investor plans to start withdrawing money.

The LifePath products are covered by US patent 8,645,254. Other patents pending.
Prepared by BlackRock Investments, LLC, member FINRA.
Not FDIC Insured • May Lose Value • No Bank Guarantee

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