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The events of 2020 have redefined how we meet with our institutional clients. We are pleased to offer you on-demand access to our virtual events and invite you to reach out if you’d like to join us in the future.

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Our flagship events in 2020 brought together senior BlackRock investors and thought leaders across sustainability, healthcare, government, policy and more.

Zach Buchwald: Welcome to the BlackRock Future Forum Sustainability edition.

BlackRock created the Future Forum as a means for exploring the big topics that underpin investment decision making and that impacts all of our financial futures.

Bill Gates: The same thing that allowed the dream of a personal computer to become real, now we've got to apply that to these climate problems.

Larry Fink: Climate risk and transition risk is something that's going to impact every portfolio.

Mary Barra: I've been at General Motors for 40 years, and I truly believe this is one of the most exciting times in the auto industry because of the transformation. (6 sec)

RJ Scaringe: I think we're going to start to see some variety of product offerings from a number of different manufacturers, and that's awesome because we have to figure out how to electrify a hundred million cars a year.”

Mark McCombe: Infrastructure is something that is so critical to getting the world shifting towards an EV focus.

Teresa O’Flynn: I believe that private capital has a unique role to play in the transition to a more sustainable economy.

Eric Rice: The reality is that the net zero transition and its investment opportunity won't just about a few industries. I'll be about the whole interconnected economy.

Kirsty Jenkinson: This concept of transition readiness, which is a term that we use and which I know is one that BlackRock uses as well, is really critical and actually very foundational to how we think about investing in the future.

MC Lader: If we want investors to incorporate climate risk as an investment risk, we have to put it in terms that are familiar.

Paul Bodnar: Right now, I believe that the most vital steps that need to be taken on sustainability, especially climate change, are actually in the financial sector.

Zach Buchwald: If it feels like the whole world is waking up to the climate crisis at the same moment, it's because we are.

At BlackRock, we look forward to working together with all of you to create a more sustainable future.

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BlackRock Future Forum

Discover our series of conversations exploring insights on the topics that are influencing markets and impacting society - including geopolitics, healthcare and technology. For highlights from our recent sustainability special, focused on the path to net zero, watch the recap video!

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