Of capital flows and borrower balance sheets

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Capital markets in a global pandemic

BlackRock portfolio manager Carly Wilson led a discussion on the surprisingly robust financing flows of 2020 with Brent Patry of BlackRock and Peter Toal of Barclays Capital.

Same storm, different boats: How companies are navigating the crisis

For some sectors, COVID was actually a tailwind. However, there are other sectors and verticals that are experiencing weakness, sometimes extreme.

Brent Patry
Head of Global Private Capital Markets, BlackRock
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Peter Toal
Co-Head of Global Fixed Income Syndicate, Barclays Capital
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Stephan Caron
Head of European Middle Market Private Debt, BlackRock
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Brad Pritchard
Head of Venture Lending, BlackRock
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Raj Vig
President of BlackRock-TCP Capital Corp. and Investment Committee Chairman for US Private Credit, BlackRock
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Carly Wilson
Portfolio Manager for Bank Loans and Global Long/Short Credit Strategies, BlackRock
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