Fixed Income Strategies

Unconstrained (SIO)

• Flexible approach to asset allocation
• No benchmark, maturity or geographic constraints with duration flexibility
• Risk-aware process
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Unconstrained fixed income strategies have the potential to navigate nimbly across sectors to optimize for attractive yield and returns, while managing for downside risk. BlackRock Strategic Income Opportunities Fund (SIO) uses an unconstrained approach to seek consistent, attractive risk-adjusted returns across all market environments.


SIO is not tied to a benchmark and has no constraints regarding maturity, sector or geography. Thus, unlike traditional bond strategies, SIO has the flexibility to actively manage duration and access a broad fixed income opportunity set.


The fund seeks attractive opportunities typically not found in traditional core bond funds, while retaining the general risk profile of traditional fixed income through diversification. SIO avoids taking concentrated positions, and can proactively run a more defensive or opportunistic profile, built to navigate changing market environments.

Portfolio managers

Rick Rieder
Managing Director, CIO of Global Fixed Income, Head of Fundamental Fixed Income, Head of Global Allocation Investment Team
Russel Brownback
Managing Director, Head of Global Macro Positioning for Fixed Income
David Rogal
Managing Director, Multi-Sector Fixed Income