Midyear Investment Outlook

Shifting to sustained expansion

The BlackRock Investment Institute explores why risk assets could continue to thrive as the cycle advances.
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Global Weekly Commentary

The case for Japanese equities

July 24 / Richard Turnill

We see further strength in Japanese equities after their recent rally. Read why in our weekly commentary.

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Why security selection matters

Jul 19 / Dan Chamby, CFA

With the emergence of more winners and losers in the market, investors may benefit from differentiated exposure.

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The economic side effects of the student loan crisis

June 28 / Rick Rieder

A college degree is still a must today; those without higher education face higher unemployment rates and lower earnings power. But the high cost of a degree is discouraging, especially to those who cannot afford college without loans in the first place. This could leave some unprepared for the workplace, worsening the class divide. The student loan crisis is a hardship for much more than just the borrowers.

Chart: student loan crisis
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People of Blackrock
Samara Cohen
Managing Director, U.S. Head of iShares Capital Markets

"We are in very early stages of what I think is the ETF revolution and how ETFs will really transform financial markets."

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People of Blackrock
Andrew Ang
Head of Factor Investing Strategies

"I think factors are going to be transformative but in order for them to be very widespread, we need data and technology."

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Bo Lu
Co-Founder and CEO, FutureAdvisor

"At BlackRock, anything is possible. You have an idea in the morning and a plan in motion that afternoon to impact our clients' lives."

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