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Catch the next wave of innovation

Join us on May 12th for a discussion on the future of investing including opportunities in sustainable, technology and healthcare. Hear BlackRock experts share their views on market trends and the impact on client portfolios.
Explore megatrends accelerated by COVID-19
Learn about trends shaping our world today and how to capture the investing opportunities they present with iShares® megatrend ETFs.
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Adapt to changing markets while keeping costs low
BlackRock’s range of model portfolios are able to rebalance when market conditions change so you can keep your focus on clients while their portfolios stay on track.
Model Portfolio
New Inflation Expectations now available in Scenario Tester
Will expectations overshoot or disappoint? Stress test client portfolios against newly added Inflation Expectations to help ease client concerns.
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Calm nervous clients with timely market perspectives