Incorporate Social Security to grow

Retiring clients fear outliving their savings. Having a strategy around Social Security can help. While many clients default to collecting at age 62, there are many other options to consider. The rules are complex, but even knowing the basics can help you maximize client benefits.

Why discuss


Boost client loyalty

Demonstrate the value you bring by helping clients determine the right collection strategy.


Increase client referrals

Clients tell their friends about Social Security tips and who shared them.


Grow COI network

Help your center of influence partners (e.g., CPAs, lawyers) answer their clients’ questions to boost referrals.

Tailor conversations to client situations

Never married
Focus on the tradeoff of smaller benefits earlier compared to larger benefits later.
Pay attention to spousal and survivor benefits. Collection decisions should be made jointly.
Divorced (unmarried)
Marriages lasting at least 10 years can entitle divorcees to spousal or survivor benefits.
Minor children
Disabled or minor children under 18 may be entitled to benefits.

Share client-approved resources

Client brochure
Help your clients understand the fundamentals to make the best decision for their circumstances
Frequently asked questions
Clients often ask similar questions about benefits and acronyms. Use our frequently asked questions to provide the guidance and answers your clients need.
Quick reference guide
Share this “cheat sheet” of the important rules and time frames to help your clients make more educated decisions around collecting benefits.