Transition from brokerage to advisory

Irrespective of the DOL Rule, many advisors are already transitioning from traditional brokerage business to an advisory model that seeks to align incentives for advisors and their clients.


Consider evolving your practice

These three steps can help you with your transition

Identify an investment model and suite of solutions that is right for you.
Evaluate your client base and define your segmentation model. Designate services for each client type.
Take a systematic approach to engaging clients. Refine your process
in real time.

By making the shift, you may be able to:

  • Deliver a consistent and repeatable client experience
  • Enhance your service offering and provide more comprehensive wealth management
  • Improve productivity and better deal with business liability

Download Guide: Making the move to an advisory practice

Consider model portfolio strategies

Many successful advisors choose to leverage model portfolios, at least for some portion of their business, as a turnkey solution to help scale their practice. Whether you would like to partner with BlackRock or your home office, or build a custom model, we can help you evaluate your options.

No matter what your clients are seeking – income, less volatility or diversification – BlackRock’s suite of model portfolio strategies are designed to help simplify asset allocation. Read more