Seek to diversify
Seek to diversify
Alternative funds can help provide an alternative source of diversification to traditional fixed income, while also being lowly correlated to equity markets.
Seek to amplify
Seek to amplify
More than 85% of today’s companies with revenues exceeding $100M are privately held. Tap into private markets for attractive returns relative to traditional assets.1

Advisors. The most successful ones know that to deliver the very best for their clients, they need to stay one step ahead. Or several.

They have to be agile… but consistent… while evolving to meet client demand today, and championing investment and business solutions that will attract the clients of tomorrow.

So you probably already know all about the opportunities and risks surrounding stocks and bonds…and feel that finding consistent returns and potential real yield is tougher than ever.

Volatility, inflation, geopolitical risk - all of it is putting the traditional 60/40 portfolio under pressure.

Which means advisors need to allocate differently to continue delivering for clients.

But what about private markets?

Over the last 30 years, private markets have become more and more essential to pay attention to.

As the number of publicly listed U.S. companies has shrunk, the number of private companies grew. A lot.

Private markets, like private equity and private credit, can help investors pursue higher returns and income over public stocks and bonds.

But …. many investors have been shut out of accessing private investments due to high minimums, suitability requirements, and high fees, but now, that’s changed.

Now… for accredited investors that can tolerate the risk…private markets are easier to access than ever before.

1099 tax reporting, low minimums, quarterly liquidity - these are just some of the features open to investors through accredited investment vehicles.

And best of all, with BlackRock you have a dedicated partner to navigate the world of private markets with.

Together we can help you build better portfolios and become an even more successful future-thinking advisor for your clients.

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Private markets unleashed

Nearly nine in ten advisors plan to grow their allocation to alternatives over the next two years. Dive into learning about why private markets are critical to continue delivering for your clients.2

It’s more important than ever to invest in private markets

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Public markets are shrinking, while private markets represent a large and growing opportunity set.

We’re here to help you get started:

Gain differentiated access to the global scale of BlackRock’s private markets platform through:

- A diversified, institutional-caliber private equity portfolio (BPIF) in a convenient fund structure.

- A private credit interval fund (CREDX) that capitalizes on attractive opportunities across both private and liquid credit based on the current market environment.

- A private credit unlisted business development company (BDEBT) that seeks attractive risk-adjusted returns by investing primarily in directly-originated, senior-secured corporate debt investments.

BlackRock alternative funds

Explore our platform of alternative solutions to help your clients achieve their goals.



Morningstar Category

Overall Morningstar Rating*


BlackRock Private Credit Fund




Credit Strategies




Private Investments




Systematic Multi-Strategy




Tactical Opportunities

Macro trading



Event Driven Equity

Event Driven



Global Equity Market Neutral

Equity market neutral



Global Long/Short Credit

Nontraditional bond



Commodity Strategies

Comm. broad basket



Real Estate Securities

Real estate



Source: Morningstar as of 3/31/2024. Systematic Multi-Strategy, rated against 121 Multi-strategy Funds. Tactical Opportunities rated against 55 Macro trading Funds; Event Driven Equity rated against 44 Event Driven Funds. Global Equity Market Neutral rated against 40 Equity Market Neutral Funds; Global Long/Short Credit rated against 278 Nontraditional Bond Funds; Commodity Strategies rated against 100 Commodities Broad Basket Funds; Real Estate Securities rated against 236 Real Estate Funds. The Overall Morningstar Rating for a fund is derived from a weighted average of the performance figures associated with its 3-, 5-, and 10-year (if applicable) Morningstar Rating metrics. Ratings are based on risk-adjusted total returns. See important notes for additional information.

See how alternatives fit in your portfolio

Run an analysis on Expected Return Analyzer to see how alternative strategies can help your clients generate income, increase return, or reduce risk in portfolios.
Bridge above the river

BlackRock is tomorrow’s alternatives platform

Our US$322 billion platform is designed to deliver outperformance with true partnership across a range of investment solutions. We continue to innovate, leveraging our technology, our scale and our fiduciary model to better serve advisors.
Access to the best opportunities
Our 800-plus alternative investors supplement their networks and know-how with best-in-class ideas from BlackRock’s other 2,500-plus investors around the world.
Greater transparency
We use advanced technology to help build stronger portfolios – we track 90,000 unique companies and 40,000 unique properties on eFront.
An integrated view
We provide you with a whole portfolio view so you have a deeper understanding of how alternatives impact the rest of your clients’ portfolios.
A new standard of alignment
Our 1,230+ member professional staff works to understand investor needs– and deliver our best use of skill, scale and technology to help clients achieve their goals.