Access investments across the credit spectrum

Navigate fluctuating credit markets through BlackRock Credit Strategies Fund (CREDX).
Access to private markets
Full credit spectrum
Access differentiated sources of return by investing in tactical, opportunistic, and potential yield enhancing credit opportunities
Convenience of a mutual fund
Familiar features
Provides 1099 tax reporting and offers shares for purchase daily as an interval fund.1 No subscription documents and no performance fee.
Managed by Blackrock’s Global Co-head of Credit
BlackRock edge
Access our differentiated sourcing, underwriting, and management capabilities backed by BlackRock’s $85B private debt business.2



Distribution rate3
NAV per share
AUM (mm)

Source: BlackRock as of 03/31/2024 unless otherwise noted.

Navigating greater uncertainty

We believe more dispersion is ahead and that credit selection will grow in importance and drive more differentiated outcomes. Taking advantage of opportunities across the credit spectrum, in our view, creates more significant investment opportunities.
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Credit portfolios are evolving

credx portfolio chart

An alternative approach invested across the credit spectrum may help manage the effects of asset class volatility, while potentially enhancing overall yield and returns versus traditional fixed income funds. CREDX investments generally fall into three strategies that work together to potentially optimize income and return.

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