Intermediate Municipal Fixed Income Managed Account Strategy

Investment Strategy

This investment strategy seeks total return derived primarily from coupon interest, and secondarily, capital appreciation. It generally invests in investment grade municipal securities. It also may invest in mutual funds and other pooled investment vehicles, which may pay fees and expenses to BlackRock that are in addition to the fees payable to BlackRock for managing the account. These portfolios are expected to have durations of four to eight years. An investor selecting this strategy may risk some loss of principal. More detailed information on this strategy is available upon request.

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Investment Process*

  • BlackRock's Fixed Income Investment approach blends top-down and bottom-up investment ideas
  • Investment Teams are responsible for research, analysis, security selection, and execution
  • Rick Rieder as Chief Investment Officer of Fixed Income, Fundamental Portfolios, leads the investment strategy meetings
  • Portfolio Teams are each independently accountable for asset allocation and portfolio construction
BlackRock Investment Teams: Bottom-Up idea generation & research
Patrick S. Gorman
Managing Director
Patrick S. Gorman, Managing Director, is head Portfolio Manager on the Municipal Private Client team within BlackRock's Global Fixed Income group. He is a ...
Sean Carney
Head of Municipal Strategy, BlackRock Investment Strategy Team
Sean Carney, Managing Director and Head of Municipal Strategy and Primary Markets team within BlackRock's Global Fixed Income Group. He is also a member of the ...