Insurance asset management

BlackRock is one of the very few asset managers to offer active and index capabilities globally and at scale on a single platform across equity, fixed income, multi-asset, alternatives and cash with assets under management totalling US $6.288 trillion as at 31 December 2017.

We believe that portfolio performance lies in well-researched investment ideas and the ability to tap into a variety of alpha sources. Additionally, insurance asset management solutions need to take into account a number of mandate constraints such as those linked to accounting, regulatory, liquidity, income and capital efficiency considerations.


Capital at risk: All financial investments involve an element of risk. Therefore, the value of the investment and the income from it will vary and the initial investment amount cannot be guaranteed.

Our investment philosophy is based on the following:

  1. Understanding each client’s specific objectives, constraints and risk tolerance: portfolio, relationship and product managers partner with each client to design customised investment policies and benchmarks.
  2. A value-driven approach to investment: fundamental and quantitative research processes support a framework that allows us to identify value from a top-down and bottom-up perspective.
  3. Maximising upside while minimising downside risk: invest in diversified themes that seek to deliver total return and income without threatening capital at difficult points in the market cycle.

Seeking to optimise return potential and mitigate risk.

Here is a summary of what we offer:


  • Capabilities across investment styles: index, active fundamental, systematic and absolute return
  • Global, regional and sector–specific strategies
  • Pooled and segregated solutions

Fixed Income

  • Global presence
  • Strategies vary across benchmark types and styles: index, fundamental, systematic and absolute return
  • Insurance-dedicated investment team

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  • Specialised capabilities across direct hedge funds, fund of hedge funds, private equity, real estate, infrastructure and other private assets
  • Solutions-oriented approach to alternatives portfolio construction
  • Insurance-specific reporting

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  • Target date, balanced-risk and liability-driven investing strategies to deliver customised investment objectives
  • Asset-class agnostic perspective facilitates unbiased market views, advice and portfolio solutions

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  • Leading credit and liquidity capabilities providing innovative insurance asset management solutions
  • Flexible product range across multiple currencies

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Our research

The BlackRock global insurance report 2017

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