Market insights and portfolio ideas

  • Energy prices and equity implications

    20-Oct-2021 | By Charles Lilford | Mark Hume | Nigel Bolton
    BlackRock believes energy prices will be higher for longer than the consensus expects. Read more about three key stock market investment implications.
  • Stock Market Monitor: Q4 2021 equity market outlook

    17-Sep-2021 | By Nigel Bolton
    The companies that will outperform the stock market are those that can beat earnings expectations, in our view.
  • Building a way to net zero

    18-Aug-2021 | By Nigel Bolton
    We look for sustainability trends that remain at an early stage and the companies that are set to play a major part.
  • Stock markets brimming with investment ‘excitement’

    12-Jul-2021 | By Gareth Williams | James Bristow
    Innovation and dynamism are driving strong company earnings across sectors and around the world – creating significant investment potential in stock markets.
  • A new investment order

    07-Jul-2021 | By BlackRock
    The economic restart broadens as the vaccine rollout plays out. But what comes next? We update our asset views and discuss the path ahead. Read our outlook.
  • How equity investors can navigate the inflation dilemma

    30-Apr-2021 | By Nigel Bolton
    Equity investors should be aware of early inflation signals, as well as opportunities to capitalize on those companies with pricing power.
  • Views of the future

    10-Aug-2020 | By BlackRock
    Read insights from the BlackRock Future Forum where thoughts leaders discussed topics ranging from globalism, healthcare and the role of corporate purpose.
  • UK update for Q4 2018

    06-Feb-2019 | By Hugh Gimber
    Brexit news is dominating headlines & UK markets, making it challenging for investors to look past the exit date from the EU. Read about our investment themes.
  • Ramping up due diligence: are alternatives suited to everyone?

    23-Jul-2018 | By BlackRock Investment Institute
    Ramp up your due diligence to understand if alternative investments are suited for you and your portfolio. Learn how BlackRock can support you.
  • Discovering opportunities: managers share their investment insights

    Mining had a strong 2016, but what factors will determine whether this resurgence will continue?
  • Where next for the US stock market?

    As the global economy cools, Tony DeSpirito, Co-Manager of the BlackRock North American Income Trust, explores if the US stock market can sustain its growth path.
  • Never mind the ballots

  • Active investing in European markets

    In spite of a lacklustre economy, Europe is home to some fantastic companies that can build long-term wealth for investors. Find out how we uncover them.
  • What does defensive investing mean today?

    We explore why traditional defensive investment strategies may not be the answer as investors look to introduce greater resilience in their portfolios.
  • Investment trusts

    The BlackRock North American Income Trust invests in a diversified portfolio of mainly large-cap US shares, aiming to deliver rising income and long-term capital growth.

    Here we explain what investment trusts are, how they work, and highlight some of the benefits they can offer investors. Learn more.
  • The greening of China

    Greening the world’s most populous and growth-hungry country comes with various challenges. Learn more about the challenges and solutions.
  • BlackRock North American Income Investment Trust

    Prices and performance
  • Annual General Meeting

    BlackRock Frontiers Investment Trust plc - Annual General Meeting. View the portfolio managers’ annual portfolio and market update to shareholders.
  • BlackRock Throgmorton Trust plc (THRG) - BlackRock

    BlackRock Throgmorton Trust plc (THRG) - Investment Trusts - Prices and performance
  • Tax information

    Discover further information on UK tax here. Learn more income equalisation rates, distribution rates and excess reportable income.
  • Put 2020 behind you: looking long-term is good for your wealth

    2020 was a tough and volatile year. Explore the importance of investing long-term rather than being buffeted by a crisis
  • The China opportunity

    Explore ways to access the world’s second largest economy as it continues to open up for the investors. Know the China story and its linked opportunities.
  • Net zero: a fiduciary approach

    In BlackRock’s latest letter to clients, we discuss the global transition to a net zero economy and its implications for investors.
  • Unit trusts

    To find out more information on investing in Unit Trusts with BlackRock, read our detailed summary here.
  • Innovative climate solutions

    Read about the BlackRock Foundation’s $100m commitment to help spur innovation and accelerate decarbonisation solutions that will help society prosper.
  • Income lessons from a year of turmoil

    Investment trusts have cushioned their investors from the worst of the dividend falls in 2020. Explore how you could make your ISA portfolio more resilient.
  • UK Equities: A deal you may not want to miss!

    The UK market has faced its fair share of challenges over recent years and has underperformed global equity markets more broadly. Learn more about the opportunities and challenges.
  • What are Alternative Investments?

    Alternative investments are less mysterious than you think. Learn about alternative investments and how they can impact your portfolio.
  • Investment trust prices

    For an informative list of prices on the various Investment Trusts offered by BlackRock, click here.
  • A growing set of opportunities

    Today’s low interest rate environment has left investors searching for higher returns, where should they begin to look? The answer could be emerging markets.
  • Sustainable investing: Resilience amid uncertainty

    BlackRock discusses how sustainable strategies, amid a recent market downturn, have demonstrated their resilience. Learn more here
  • It’s a marathon not a sprint: the long game of investment

    Going slow and steady is the golden rule. By drip-feeding smaller amounts consistently into your portfolio you could benefit than if you invested a lump sum.
  • Securities lending

    In recent decades, securities lending has evolved into a vital component of financial markets. Discover the benefit this, and BlackRock, can offer investors.
  • Annual General Meeting

    Manager Dan Whitestone explains why investing in stocks with strong free cash flows can create a stable portfolio, whatever the weather.
  • How to invest in megatrends

    How could you invest in megatrends and access BlackRock active funds and iShares ETFs? Use our tool to see which funds are exposed to BlackRock megatrends
  • BlackRock Income and Growth Investment Trust plc

    Managed by BlackRock, this trust aims to provide capital and income growth over the long-term, through investing in a diversified portfolio of UK listed equities.
  • Start as you mean to go on

    We can thank our grandparents for their advice on understanding how to save, budget & invest. Although society has changed, the simple rules of money haven’t.
  • Terms and conditions

  • Investment trusts

    The BlackRock Income and Growth Investment Trust invests in a diversified portfolio of mainly UK-listed shares, aiming to deliver long-term growth and income.
  • Annual General Meeting

    Find out more about the investment philosophy of the BlackRock Greater Europe Investment Trust, its performance and positioning and the outlook for 2020.
  • China: The Essentials

    China has experienced exponential growth over the past few decades and is on a trajectory to rival the US. Explore the factors that surge this growth.
  • Investment trusts

    The BlackRock Latin American Investment Trust invests in listed securities in the emerging markets of Latin America. Find out about its performance and holdings.
  • Investment trusts

    The BlackRock Income and Growth Investment Trust invests in a diversified portfolio of mainly UK-listed shares. Find out about its holdings and performance.
  • Investment trusts

    The BlackRock Latin American Investment Trust invests in listed securities in the emerging markets of Latin America, aiming to secure long-term capital growth.
  • 2021 Outlook: Latin America

    These are changing times. We believe investors need to be flexible to look as broadly as possible for areas of structural growth and resilient income.
  • BlackRock Income Strategies Trust plc BIST

    Prices and performance
  • Laying the foundations of a portfolio

    BlackRock’s MyMap range of multi-asset funds aim to provide a core investment that is risk-managed, cost-effective and helps your client’s do more with their money. Read more.
  • The power of compounding: little and often for a long time

    By drip-feeding smaller amounts of money into your investments over time, & leaving them there to grow, your return may well be higher over the long term.
  • Ignoring the herd: finding value in unloved areas

    Find out why hunting in unpopular parts of the market may uncover exciting opportunities – and why it might be particularly fruitful at the moment.