Business Builders

Build your business through client communication

Why focus on client communication?

Client communication, done right, can help you retain the clients you have, enhance those existing relationships and attract new business.

The advisor-client relationship is based on expectations around performance and service. Meeting or exceeding expectations is the best way to achieve rave reviews and expand your fan base. On the flip side, failing to live up to client expectations is one of the surest ways to lose business.

While performance is not always in your control, service and communication are. Providing the level of service clients expect and desire, especially at times when performance is challenged, can help you maintain and grow lasting relationships.

Establishing a winning client communication process can help you:

  • Retain clients: While seemingly innate and simple, setting clear service expectations and consistently meeting and exceeding them can be a difficult feat, particularly when dealing with different client needs and personalities. Advisors who succeed, especially in times of market turmoil, are more likely to be rewarded with client loyalty.
  • Increase referrals: Over time, happy clients become advocates for your practice. Satisfied customers are more apt to refer their friends and family to someone who consistently delivers what is promised.