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Strengthen your asset allocation with factor analysis.

Use Aladdin Factor Workbench, our proprietary factor analytics tool, to shed new light on your portfolio.

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What are factors?

Factors are historically broad and persistent drivers of return that help explain movements across asset classes. With advancements in data and technology, it’s easier than ever for investors to identify these sources of risk and return in portfolios. Factors provide a common language that can be used across portfolios.

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How are they classified?

Macroeconomic factors, such as Economic Growth and Inflation, help explain broad movements across asset classes. Style factors, such as Value, Quality and Momentum, help explain the pattern of returns within asset classes.

Why are they important?

By pursuing factor allocation alongside traditional asset allocation, investors may be able to mitigate risk, enhance returns and improve diversification.

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How well does your portfolio reflect your investment objectives?

Factor analysis can show that many portfolios are not as diversified as investors think. See what Aladdin Factor Workbench reveals about portfolios that are relevant to your organization.

Factors that drive risk and return.

Asset classes are actually just a combination of factors. See how

Is your portfolio truly diversified?

Factors can reveal unintended risk concentrations and help investors realign portfolios to match their objectives.

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Shift factor exposures to help manage risk and maximize return.

A factor assessment can provide investors with valuable insights to help reach return or risk goals. These insights can add clarity when constructing investment portfolios.

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Stress test your portfolio with factors.

Use Aladdin Factor Workbench to see how historical market dislocations and hypothetical stress scenarios may impact portfolios.

Test different market scenarios

These factor-based insights are only the beginning.

Explore what else Aladdin Factor Workbench can do.

Analyze your custom portfolio

Build your own portfolio by selecting from dozens of global and regional asset classes.

Incorporate capital market assumptions

Use long-term return and risk assumptions to build your portfolio.

Refine your asset allocation

Discover how desired changes in factor exposures can be implemented through asset classes.

Share insights with others

Enhance dialogue with key decision makers using factor-based data and analytics.

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