Karina Saade

Karina Saade

COO of Latin America

Karina Saade is the COO of Latin America. Ms. Saade is also responsible for the region's Product Development and Business Strategy functions. In addition, she is a member of the Americas Executive Committee, the C-20 Committee, and Latin America's Regional Executive Committee.


Ms. Saade joined BlackRock in 2007 as a senior credit analyst in BlackRock's New York-based Portfolio Management Group, covering banks and other financial services companies. Prior to moving to her current role in 2013, Ms. Saade was part of the leadership team for BlackRock's Brazil office.


Before BlackRock, Ms. Saade held positions in the credit risk management and investment banking divisions of Goldman Sachs in New York, focusing on consumer, retail, and financial services companies.


Ms. Saade earned a BA degree, with distinction, in economics and international relations from Stanford University in 2002 and an MBA degree from Harvard University in 2007.