Join us to be an alternatives guru in 5 steps.

Through an educational experience, you can expect to:

  • Speak the language of alternative investments to better advise your clients or upskill as an end investor.
  • Grasp the key pillars of alternatives investing to deeply understand each asset class including hedge funds, private equity, private credit and more.
  • Have insight into return, risk, and liquidity in the alternatives space.
  • Gain the confidence to explore implementing alternatives into your investment portfolio.

Why the investment landscape is shifting

For years, the 60/40 portfolio - consisting of 60% equities and 40% bonds - has been a go-to strategy. But as returns are expected to come under pressure and bond yields are at record lows (and little to no room to fall further), investors are hunting for new solutions. A recent BlackRock study indicated the 60/40 approach will not only fall short of the moderate returns of the past, but actually increases investment risk.

In addition, private markets have grown substantially over the past few decades while the public markets universe has shrunk.

Source: BlackRock, Aladdin. Advisor Insights Guide by BlackRock Portfolio Solutions. Study contains unique data and insights on 20,108 advisor portfolios.

The solution:

Rethink how you invest. Alternatives investments are in demand and the asset class has experienced significant growth, with net flows of nearly $13B in 2021.

Source: Flows represent open-end US-domiciled Alternatives Funds in $ millions. Data as of June 30, 2021.

Quotation start

With volatile equity markets and bond yields near record lows, alternatives can have an increasingly important role to play as clients look to enhance returns, reduce risk and build portfolio resilience. We believe that the allocation to private markets in wealth portfolios should increase from 5% today to 20% over the next several years.

Quotation end
Roque Calleja Head of BlackRock Alternative Specialists (BAS) for Latin America

Follow the 5 steps to become an alternatives guru.

    Alternative Investing 101

    Alternative Investing 101:
    Learn the basics of Alternative investing, including the key pillars and differences between traditional investment vehicles.

    Different Asset Classes Part1

    Alternative Asset Classes Part 1:
    Deep dive into Alternatives asset classes, including hedge funds, private equity, and private credit.

    Different Asset Classes Part2

    Alternative Asset Classes Part 2:
    Deep dive into Alternatives asset classes, including real assets, infrastructure, and closed-end funds.

    Alternatives & Sustainability

    Alternatives & Sustainability:
    Understand how Alternatives can also be part of an ESG investment strategy.

    Implementing Alternatives

    Implementing Alternatives
    (portfolio construction):

    Learn how to build a resilient and diversified portfolio with alternatives.

    Tip: Taking the classes in order will enhance the learning experience as each module connects to the next. There will be a short quiz after each section to test your understanding throughout the course.

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