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iShares offers the widest range of fixed income funds across sectors, regions and currencies catered to LatAm investors, through UCITS and an extensive US domiciled range of products.

Investors are choosing iShares fixed income ETFs for many reasons:

Cost Efficiency - on average, iShares bond ETFs cost 77% less than active mutual funds helping you keep more of what you earn. 1

Tax efficiency - Bond ETFs may have potential withholding and estate tax benefits when compared to individual bonds.

Competitive performance - iShares bond ETFs have outperformed the majority of their peers over the last year.2

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With much higher rates after the aggressive policy response from Central Banks around the world, Fixed Income plays a fundamental role in today’s portfolios. Not only entry points become more interesting due to current valuations, but could potentially benefit from the next phase of monetary policy. Duration was the risk factor to avoid during the hiking cycle and will be the factor to seek when Central Banks pivot and turn around over the next months.

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Benjamin Souza Benjamin Souza Fixed Income Strategists for LatAm

How can investors use iShares fixed income ETFs in their portfolios?

Periodic income – exploring & expanding ways to generate periodic income.

Liquidity – investing available cash in liquid instruments.

Diversifying risk – seek to add stability to stock holdings or riskier assets.

Capital preservation - conserving investments against inflation.

Why iShares for fixed income?

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Largest fixed income ETF provider

iShares holds $816bn in assets under management (AUM) out of the $1.99td corresponding to fixed income ETFs globally.3

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Bond ETFs offer liquidity and transparency to markets

Fixed income ETFs are traded thousands of times through the day on the exchange. Individual bonds may not operate on a daily basis and are only over-the-counter transactions. 4

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Wide range of fixed income ETFs

Fixed income iShares offer international diversification and exposure to different sectors, regions & countries that can help cover specific positions in a whole portfolio.5


Explore how iShares fixed income ETFs could help solve your bond market challenges.


Investors are increasingly choosing fixed-income ETFs because of their low cost, transparency, easy access, liquidity and competitive returns.

With an ETF, investors can trade a basket of bonds more efficiently and at a lower cost than trading the individual underlying bonds.

Fixed income ETFs are transparent and can be used as tools to organize and navigate the fragmented over the counter (“OTC”) bond markets.

iShares ETFs provide access to various sectors, credit qualities, durations and factors or sustainable strategies within the broad fixed income universe.

Trading volumes of Fixed income ETF have historically increased during periods of elevated stress in bond markets, providing liquidity to investors.

iShares' bond ETFs are ranked in the first and second quartiles of Morningstar's overall 1-year, 3-year, 5-year and 10-year rankings in several categories, including Core Intermediate Bond, Core-Plus Bond, Corporate Bond, Emerging Markets and High Yield.


What are fixed income ETFs?

Fixed income, or “bond” ETFs are becoming increasingly popular among investors. In this video we break down the potential benefits of incorporating fixed income ETFs into a portfolio.

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