Introducing BlackRock Multi-Sector Opportunities Trust II

BlackRock Multi-Sector Opportunity Trust II (MSO II)1 is a new, unlisted, registered fund for investors seeking the potential for:

  • A high level of current income through anticipated quarterly distributions2
  • Attractive total return in a limited term structure3
  • A broad opportunity set that includes both public and private debt
  • Flexibility to take advantage of opportunistic investments that are less liquid
  • Access to BlackRock’s $1.88 trillion4 global fixed income platform

MSO II highlights

Expected Ticker: XMSAX

Offering Price Per Share: Purchase price equal to $100.00 per share plus a sales load of up to $1.01 per share (250 share minimum). There will be a sales load of 1.00% of the initial offering price, however the sales load will automatically be waived for any account purchasing an aggregate of $250,000 or more of common shares (please refer to the “Summary of Trust Expenses” section of the final prospectus linked below for information on the fees, charges and expenses associated with investing in the Trust).

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