How to invest

BlackRock Global Funds (BGF)

To invest into BlackRock Global Funds,use the section below for relevant information. Alternatively please contact our Offshore investor Services team at or call us on 020 7747 3300.

Investment limits

The minimum initial subscription for Class A shares for any one fund is US$5,000 or the approximate equivalent in the relevant dealing currency. The minimum for additions to existing Class A holdings is US$1,000. Please note that the investment limit differs for other share classes. Please see the KIID / Prospectus for detailed information or contact the Offshore Investor Services team.

Opening an account

Before completing the BlackRock Global Funds application form, please read the Key Investor Information Document (KIID) and Prospectus. When your application form is submitted, other information such as a certified form of identification and completion of Anti-Money Laundering documentation may be required.

Useful documents:
Fax indemnity - this form is optional. If completed, it allows BlackRock to accept certain future instructions via fax, rather than requiring an original letter.
Power of attorney - this form is optional. It delegates full authority to a third party. If completed, this form must be returned with an original or original certified true copy of the Attorney’s authorised signatory list.

Sending us completed application forms
Completed application forms and supporting documentation can be
faxed to 020 7743 1141.
Receipt of correctly completed documentation via fax enables BlackRock to open your account and place a subscription.

All correspondence relating to your account, including application forms should then be sent to:

c/o J.P. Morgan Bank Luxembourg S.A
P.O. Box 1058
L-1010 Luxembourg

Once the account has been opened, BlackRock can accept dealing instructions via telephone, fax or in writing.

Important note:
Accounts will not be fully registered until the original paperwork has been received and redemption proceeds cannot be released until full registration.

How to make a payment

By telegraphic transfer
Payment in the relevant currency should be made to one of the BlackRock bank accounts listed in the below offshore bank account details section or the Prospectus. The transfer instruction should contain the information below:
(i) Bank Name
(ii) SWIFT Code or Bank Identifier
(iii) Account (IBAN)
(iv) Account Number
(v) Account Reference – “BGF – Fund name subscribed into and deal reference if known”
(vi) By order of Shareholder name/agent name & Shareholder

An applicant’s obligation to pay for Shares is fulfilled once the amount due has been paid in cleared funds into BlackRock's account.

Offshore bank account details

If you wish to make payment in a currency that is not listed below please refer to the Prospectus for a comprehensive list or contact the Offshore Investor Services team.


US Dollars
JP Morgan Chase New York
For the account of: BlackRock (Channel Islands) Limited
Account Number 001-1-460185, CHIPS UID 359991
ABA Number 021000021
Quoting Reference “Name of Fund – Name of Applicant”
JP Morgan Frankfurt
SWIFT code CHASDEFX, BLZ 501 108 00
For the account of: BlackRock (Channel Islands) Limited
Account Number (IBAN) DE40501108006161600066 (formerly 616-16-00066)
Quoting Reference “Name of Fund – Name of Applicant”
JP Morgan London
SWIFT code CHASGB2L, Sort Code 60-92-42
For the account of: BlackRock (Channel Islands) Limited
Account Number (IBAN) GB07CHAS60924211118940 (formerly 11118940)
Quoting Reference “Name of Fund – Name of Applicant”


Dealing information

Investors can normally buy, switch or redeem (sell) shares on any Luxembourg business day before 12.00 noon Central European Time (CET). Deals received after 12.00 noon (CET) will be dealt forward to the following Luxembourg business day's valuation point.

From the day a deal is placed, cleared funds should reach the relevant BlackRock Global Fund bank account within 3 business days.

BlackRock Global Funds operates on a forward pricing basis - this means that deals are always placed at an unknown price. Prices are then calculated at the next valuation point, which is the deadline for receipt of dealing orders that are applied to each deal.

After an investment is made

Following a subscription you will receive a contract note which provides the transaction details, such as price, dealing and settlement dates and number of shares. Share certificates are not used. Ownership of registered shares are recorded on the BlackRock Global Funds share register. If you are a registered shareholder, we will send you a personal Statement of Account twice-yearly.

Daily prices and yields

For daily prices please see our prices page. Alternatively, you can contact our Offshore Investor Services team at or call us on 020 7743 3300.


When investing in BGF there is a one off initial charge which is reflected in the buying price of some of the share classes, including A shares. In addition, there are also a number of ongoing management and administration expenses paid out of each fund. For more information please refer to the KIID.

Investors services

For more information or help on how to invest please contact us:

 Offshore investor services
020 7743 3300