Fund charges

Investment charges and costs

BlackRock have not considered the suitability of investment against your individual needs and risk tolerance. We strongly recommend that you seek professional advice prior to investing. Any decision to invest must be based solely on the information contained in the Prospectus, Key Investor Information Document and the latest half-yearly report and unaudited accounts and/or annual report and audited accounts.

Charges and costs can have a real impact on the returns that you get from a fund so it’s important to know what you will pay when you invest. Below is a summary of the relevant charges and costs associated with our Funds.

Charges and costsPaid by investors
Ongoing charge (including the Annual Management Charge) Yes
Portfolio transaction costs Yes
Stamp Duty Reserve Tax (SDRT) On some Funds
Entry charge Yes
Exit charge No
Performance fee On some Funds

Our Funds are all dual priced which means that the price for buying and selling is different.

Capital at risk. All financial investments involve an element of risk. Therefore, the value of your investment and the income from it will vary and your initial investment amount cannot be guaranteed.