How to Invest

Buying your investment trust

Much like an open-ended fund, you can buy shares in an investment trust on behalf of your clients' through most online platforms, or through a stockbroker.

Investors large or small can also buy shares in investment trusts, either using a lump sum or via a savings scheme with regular monthly payments.

Choose your preferred way to invest

  • BlackRock-managed investment trusts are available through most online platforms. Here is a list (and links) to some distributors. Please be aware that by clicking on these links you are leaving the BlackRock website and as such, we are not responsible for the content.

    For further details on all of our trusts, please view our range page or call our Broker Services team on 08457 405 405*.

  • Your clients can also invest via a stockbroker. Below are some useful links that you might like to share with your clients for further information and details of how to find a stockbroker:

    Locate a stockbroker

  • Please note that BlackRock has closed the BlackRock Investment Trust Savings Plan and BlackRock Investment Trust Stocks and Shares NISA and therefore it is no longer possible to open a direct savings scheme account with us.

    For any questions you may have regarding the closure, please call our Investor services Team on 0800 44 55 22.

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