Liability-driven investing (LDI)

Why BlackRock for LDI?

As defined benefit pension funds embark on their end journey, designing an effective de-risking plan becomes ever more crucial. Our liability-driven investment platform offers defined benefit pension funds the power and flexibility of one of the most comprehensive fixed income businesses in the world, combined with proprietary asset-liability focused technology.

Investment expertise
Investment expertise
We use 20 years of experience delivering LDI performance to build better portfolios for our clients.
Risk management
Risk management
We aspire to set the standard for risk analytics and management.
We offer transparency on every aspect of the process to ensure you are fully informed.
We understand your challenges and will guide you in the best approach to solve them.

Learn more about liability-driven investing at BlackRock

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Investment philosophy

We aim to be your partner of choice through your pension journey, by seeking to deliver:

  • Superior investment performance and outcomes
  • Outstanding client experience
  • Industry thought leadership and being your ‘go to’ adviser
  • High quality, technology-orientated operating environment
  • Local expertise and global reach


BlackRock brings decades of experience in liability-driven investing. Designing and executing investment strategies to reflect specific liability hedging objectives is a core part of our success in managing assets for pensioninsurance and other institutional clients.

BlackRock’s first pension fund liability hedging mandate was implemented in 1995, giving BlackRock over 20 years’ experience as an LDI manager and adviser. As the market grew, BlackRock expanded its resource commensurately, culminating in the establishment of a dedicated European team in 2005 with its range of pooled funds being launched in the same year.



By navigating your unique situations, sensitivities and objectives, our LDI team can guide you to your optimal strategy. Our expansive platform has been designed to help you create customised solutions for your unique pension journey and is underpinned by a range of fixed income investment strategies that seek to meet a wide range of pension fund objectives.

Over $350bn in assets under management globally1

This graphic depicts passive, phased instrument selection and active strategies.

Source: BlackRock, for illustrative purposes only.

Aladdin technology
Aladdin connects the information, people and tools needed to manage money in real time. This offers the benefits of interactive risk reporting and analytics, portfolio management tools, trading, regulatory reporting & compliance, operations and performance attribution.
Aladdin technology

Meet our team

We believe our size allows us to invest in people and technology, creating comprehensive global coverage and thought leadership across regions.

BlackRock has a dedicated LDI team that develops client solutions in partnership with our portfolio management teams across our fundamental, systematic and index platforms.

Key stats about LDI specialists in Europe and the Americas.

Source: BlackRock, as of December 31, 2018.

Richard Wood
Head of EMEA LDI
Richard Wood, Managing Director, is Head of the EMEA Liability Driven Investment (LDI) business.