BlackRock Life Limited

BlackRock Life Limited (BLL) is a UK based insurance company authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the PRA. BLL’s principal activity is to provide pooled investment funds to predominantly UK employer sponsored pension schemes and reinsurance platforms. BLL has a single material line of business, single premium unit-linked pension business.


The Board ('Board') of BLL believes that, as a steward of the company’s culture, it is responsible for cultivating an inclusive and respectful environment. Accordingly, the Board promotes the same inclusive and respectful environment when conducting its business and believes that all of its directors play an important role in leading by example.

The Board is composed of a group of very competent and experienced directors – executive and non-executive – whose individual background, gender, age, education, knowledge, experience and expertise were individually sought during the recruitment process to bring together a dynamic and diversified membership. This group, led by the Chairperson, works cohesively to ensure (i) delivery of BLL’s strategy and objectives and (ii) fair outcomes are achieved for all BLL clients. In order to do this, the Chairperson actively seeks out the opinions of all the Board members ensuring they work as a team, and every member’s opinion is heard and accepted. The Chairperson ensures that discussions are held such that directors feel their opinions have been discussed fully and fairly, and that they have been treated with respect.

BLL is satisfied that it conducts its business in a highly effective manner and with the utmost integrity without exposing BLL to any undue risk.


TCFD product reports for BlackRock Life Limited unit linked funds will be made available to clients on request.