Charities & Endowments

Discover our range of charity focused strategies.

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  • Charities Growth & Income Fund

    BlackRock Charities Growth & Income Fund

    Discover our new fund, an exciting addition to our multi asset fund range.

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  • Charity investment strategy in a time of crisis

    Charity investment strategy in a time of crisis

    Read our latest update from the team and BII’s paper highlighting opportunities and challenges faced by charities.

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  • Meet our fund managers

    Meet our managers

    We invite you to get to know our fund managers through a series of events and videos.

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  • BlackRock Global Impact Fund

    BlackRock Global Impact Fund

    Our new fund provides investors with the opportunity to invest in companies generating an impact on people and the planet.

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  • How to invest

    How to invest

    Explore the step by step guide to invest in any of our funds.

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  • BlackRock Investment Stewardship

    BlackRock Investment Stewardship

    Explore BlackRock’s approach to investment stewardship: how we engage with companies and use our vote on behalf of clients.

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  • Market Insights

    Market Insights

    Read our commentaries and articles which discuss key events driving the financial markets.

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  • Social Impact

    Social Impact

    Explore the ways in which we partner with nonprofits, start-ups, corporations and our employees to create impact.

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  • Charity Authorised Investment Fund FAQs

    Charity Authorised Investment Fund FAQs

    Find our more about the newly launched Charity Authorised Investment Fund (CAIF) structure.

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