Actually, it’s never been about us

It’s always been about asking those big questions at the intersection of investing and society: How do we push forward without leaving people behind? How do we build bridges between society and shareholders? The planet and profits?


Together with our clients, we’re investing in a more equitable and resilient world.


We’re investing in the UK.

Every great idea,

Every breakthrough,

Started with a question

Someone asked the why

Poked holes in the way things are,

To see what they could become.

And right now, the world is facing some big questions.

About how to push forward without leaving people behind.

How to break with the past and create a better future.

So on behalf of more and more people,

BlackRock is asking bigger questions.

Bolder questions.

Questions that challenge convention

And give rise to new thinking.

Questions like:

How can valuing workers more lead to greater company value?

How can the economy go green, without putting communities in the red?

Because the bigger questions we ask, the bigger actions we can take.

Helping us tackle the biggest question of them all:

How can we all prosper?


Ask Bigger Questions

3,500 people asking big questions

For over five decades, we’ve been coming to work every day with questions like: How can we make prosperity possible for more people, for more communities, and for the planet?

Investing our clients’ money in local British companies and infrastructure, which in turn supports job creation and a stronger UK economy, is one way we’re finding those big answers. 

*Billion invested into the UK on behalf of our clients
million+ British people’s pensions cared for by BlackRock2

5Source: BlackRock as of 31 March 2022, 6Source: BlackRock as of 31 March 2022, 7Source: BlackRock as of 31 March 2022


We innovate, simplify, protect, and speak up for our clients

We’re more than investors

We’re technologists – always searching for new ways to put investing within reach of more people.

We're fiduciaries – putting the investing needs and goals of our clients ahead of our own.

We’re campaigners – speaking out against inequity, striving to bring positive change, and working to reduce our carbon footprint.

We help more and more people experience financial well-being

Equipped with brilliant minds and proprietary, leading-edge technology, we invest and manage our clients’ money with one purpose: to help them find better financial futures.

We know we’re not just investing in funds and markets, but in people’s lives and where we live. 

Can investors help save the planet?

What if, in addition to building income, your investments could help build green buildings, generate renewable energy for the future, increase electric transportation, and develop sustainable farming solutions?

They actually can. And they seem to be doing it very well. 

Advocating for good

A company’s standing on ethical, sustainable and diversity issues have a direct impact on its long-term success, which is why we engage with them for greater transparency.

Because more transparency can mean better returns for those nearing retirement, starting companies or buying their first home.

That’s always worth speaking up for.


How we continue to push forward